The new time-saving LED/UV gels have faster curing times, reduced or no filing, and are developed to help nail technicians reduce service time in the salon. From now on all ProNails gels will work with the speed of (LED) light, and cure under both LED (The Light) as well as under traditional UV lamps.

Each gel has its own unique quality, usage and technique. Choosing the right gel depends on the desired end-result, the experience level of the nail stylist, and the nail type of the customer. For thin, flexible nails the Flexi Builder Gels offer a perfect flexibility and adhesion to the natural nail. For normal and hard nails the Hard Builder gels are the perfect choice an allow for long or short nail extension. Camouflage gels are ideal for masking nail imperfections and extending nail beds. In short, for every nail type the ideal gel exists. Find all you need at a glance in this complete overview of the NEW ProNails LED/UV construction gels classified by functionality. Choose your gels based on function, colour, flexibility, application method and experience level. All ProNails LED/UV base gels cure in 30 seconds in THE LIGHT (or 2 minutes in UV). All ProNails construction gels cure in 60 seconds in THE LIGHT (or 2 minutes under UV).

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