How to create this look ?

  1. Apply a colour base to all nails. You can have the same colour on all nails or use an ombré technique. Apply 2 colour coats. Cure well.
  2. Apply animal prints to the nails using a ProNails n°9 Pointy Brush, Gel Paint Calligraphic Black and all different colours. Cure.
  3. Protect using your favourite gloss and cure.
Example fade pink:
  1. Apply Gellak 289 or Sopolish 247 Always ON to one part of the nail. Apply Gellak 290 or Sopolish 248 Arcade Lemonade to the other part. Don’t cure.
  2. Blend both colours using a ProNails n°5 Premium Brush to obtain the desired effect and cure. Repeat these steps for a second coat and cure again.
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