Get The Look Black smoke

  1. Apply 2 coats of Gellak 26 Black Saint using ProNails n° 5 Premium brush & cure.
  2. Apply Cat Eye ‘Black Smoke’: don’t hold the magnet on top of the nails, but use it vertically next to the nail and move all the way along the edge of the nail. Cure.
  3. Take off the sticky layer.
  4. Finish off with a coat of Crystal Seal & cure.
Tips & tricks for using Cat Eye Gels
  1. Use the circle of your magnet to create round or curved motifs, and the rectangle for straight lines.
  2. Get creative! Draw nail art shapes with the cat eye gels instead of using them full cover. You can even combine different colours together!
  3. Hold the magnet all along the outer sides of the nail, instead of in the middle. This way you get a very original scorched effect around the nail edges.
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