Get The Look - Delicate Corsage

How to create this look?

  1. Apply 2 layers of Gellak 268 Mood Booster with your ProNails n° 5 Premium Brush and cure each layer.

  2. Apply a layer of Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel and cure.

  3. Apply a few fine lines of Spider Gel Metallic Silver with a ProNails n° 6 Shorty Brush and cure. 

  4. Use the flat side of your Cuticle Cleaner to take some 4D Gel paste Pink Dough from the jar and place it on a flat surface.
  5. Roll out the 4D gel into a sausage. Take of small pieces and roll them into miniature balls. Do the same with 4D Gel Paste Red Topping.
  6. Use the Diamond Silicon Tool to place the little ball of gel paste onto the nail.
  7. Then use theSilicon Tool to flatten out the ball into the shape of a leave, use a ProNails n° 12 Straight Brush to make the leaves even thinner.
  8. Cure the leave and repeat the steps for all leaves.
  9. Apply a drop of Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel in the middle of the flowerwith a ProNails n 6 Shorty Brush.
  10. Place a golden Nail Confetti Dazzle on the drop with your Diamond Silicon Tool and cure.
  11. Add some 3d effect to the flower heart with a drop of Crystal Seal and cure.
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