Get The Look - Dentelles Aquarelle

  1. Use ProNails Hard Builder Milky Pink as builder gel using the ProNails n°4 Pyramid Brush & cure.
  2. Mattify the nails by buffing them using the New Generation File.
  3. Create leaves using de Aquarelle Ink Ash Grey using the included brush. Let it air dry.
  4. Add extra dimension to the leaves with the Gel Paint Calligraphic Black, using the ProNails n°7 Pointy Brush & cure.
  5. Apply small strokes of Spider Gel Black using Pronails n°6 Shorty Brush & cure.
  6. Put an Iridescent Stone in a drop of Xtreme Matt& cure.
  7. Finish off using a coat of Xtreme Matt Finishing gel & cure.

How to use

  1. Apply two layers of colour as a base and cure it. (Sopolish or Gellak)
  2. If you use Sopolish: remove the sticky layer
  3. Buff the nail with the New Generation File.
  4. Make your drawing with the Aquarelle Ink, let it air dry.
  5. Protect your design with your favourite gloss and cure.
Tips & tricks
  1. To draw very precise motifs, such as small flowers, use the enclosed brush.
  2. To create a marble effect: use enough Aquarelle Ink and let it dry, then add some extra details with the enclosed brush and use a small splash of Pro Septic for extra effect.
  3. Combine the colours together for a real aquarelle effect!
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