Get The Look Duotone Touch

  1. Combine for one hand the colours Gellak 264 My Nails, My Rules with Gellak 266 Turmeric Turmoil, and for the other hand Gellak 267 The Snuggle Is Real with Gellak 266 Turmeric Turmoil.
  2. Take your ProNails n° 5 Premium Brush, and apply two layers of colour gels 264, 266 and 267 on the nails as shown on the design. Cure each layer. 
  3. Then continue with the nail art: use your ProNails n° 6 Shorty Brush to draw fine lines with Spider Gel Black. Next take the Diamond Deco Tool and draw the dots at the end of the lines with Gel Paint Calligraphic Black. Let it cure.
  4. Protect the design with a layer of Crystal Seal and cure.
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