How to create this look?

  1. Prepare the gel nails using Master Clear and cure.
  2. Apply a thin coat of Master Nude on top of the Master Clear. This will camouflage any nail irregularities. Cure.
  3. Draw a flame on top of the nail like in the example. Use a ProNails n°7 Pointy Brush and Gel Paint White Canvas. Cure.
  4. Draw that same flame but smaller on top of the first cured flame using the ProNails n°7 Pointy Brush and a Gellak colour. Cure.
  5. Finish by applying your favourite gloss and cure.

Tip: To get a more dynamic flame, make sure the tips of your flames are not all the same height. Always start from a U-shape and draw the flames around it. Practice on a piece of paper first!
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