Get The Look Golden teardrops

  1. Apply 2 layers of Gellak 264 My Nails, My Rules with your ProNails n° 5 Premium Brush and cure each layer.
  2. Buff the nail with the New Generation File.
  3. Apply a drop of Foil Gel using the ProNails n° 6 Shorty Brush and cure.
  4. Cut out a small piece of Nail Foil Solar Flare and press it on top of the cured Foil Gel. Next, remove the piece of nail foil so the metallic layer will transfer onto the nail. 
  5. To create the 3D water drop effect: apply a drop of Hard Builder Clear with the ProNails n° 6 Shorty Brush on top of the foil & cure.
  6. Remove the sticky layer, and protect the nail with a final layer of Crystal Seal and cure.
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