Get This Look Romantic Look


  1. Apply a layer of Gellak n°259 Little Blings on one half of the nail and Gellak n°144 I’ve got your Back on the other half. Use the Premium Brush n°5 for both.
  2. Take the Diamond Sponge Tool and create a dégradé effect in the middle. Cure.
  3. Repeat the previous two steps.
  4. Draw a fine line with Gellak n°60 Emmanuelle Naturelle and the Pointy Brush n°7. This will be the basis of your branch.
  5. Draw some leaves on the branch with Gellak n°256 Off The Grid and the Pointy Brush n°7. Let it cure.
  6. Apply a little bit of Master Clear or Hard Builder Clear on the spot where you want to place the Rhinestone. Position the Rhinestone of your choice in the Master Clear or Hard Builder Clear with the Diamond Deco Tool. Let cure.
  7. Finish with the Maxx Gloss.
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