How to create this look?

Ring finger :
  1. Apply Gellak 289 Always ON to 1 part of your nail. Apply Gellak 290 Arcade Lemonade to the other part of your nail. Don’t cure.
  2. Use a ProNails n°5 Premium Brush to blend the colours together. Cure.
  3. Repeat the first 2 teps and DON’T cure.
  4. Sprinkle pink glitters from the Sugar Candy Glitter Kit on top of your fade and cure afterwards.
  5. Remove excessive glitters using a Nail Brush.
Index & middle finger:
  1. Apply 2 coats of Gellak 288 Virtual Vibe using a ProNails n°2 Unlimited M Brush or a ProNails n°5 Premium Brush and cure.
  2. Draw the logo you want on the nails using Gel Paint White Canvast and a ProNails n°7 Pointy Brush. Cure.
  3. Draw the logo you want again yet a bit smaller on top of the logo you have just drawn. Use Gellak 289 Always ON and Gellak 290 Arcade Lemonade and a ProNails n°7 Pointy Brush to create a fade.
  4. Draw the outlinesof your logo using Gel Paint Calligraphic Black and a ProNails n°7 Pointy Brush. Cure
  5. Finish with your favourite gloss and cure.

Tip for applying the orange and pink Candy Cane Glitters to the ring finger:
Use the ProNails n°10 Punky Brush to pick up some glitters from the container and softly sprinkle them over the non-cured gel on the nail.

Tips: Look for a fun example of a Graffiti font online with all the letters in the alphabet. Find the letters you want to use (we picked “PN” of course) and draw the outline of your preferred letters on a piece of paper first. Then add the letters to the nails using black gel paint, fill them in (I used an ombre effect using orange and pink) and add some extra shading with white!
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