Get The Look Laser Stickers

Left hand

  1. Apply 2 layers of Gellak 267 The Snuggle Is Real on some of the nails and 2 layers of Gellak 268 Mood Booster on the other nails, and cure each layer.
  2. Cut off the desired piece of the Laser Nail Stickers Blue Illusion.
  3. Remove the white protective layer with a Tweezer.
  4. Apply the sticker on the nail, press firmly with your Diamond Silicon Tool.
  5. Remove the transparent foil, so only the pattern remains on the nail.
  6. Protect your design with a layer of Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel and cure.
  7. You can finish off your design with a few lines of Spider Gel Black or White, using your Diamond Deco Tool. Cure.

Right hand

  1. Repeat the steps of the left hand, only this time you use Gellak colours 264 My Nails, My Rules and Gellak 269 Purr-fection, combined with the Laser Nail Stickers Red Fantasy.
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