Get The Look - Touch My Soul

How to get the look?

  1. Apply 2 layers of Sopolish 3 Pillow White and cure each layer.
  2. Mix Sopolish Pillow white and Glitter Powder Dark Night on the side then apply on nails with Premium Brush n°2 and cure. Repeat this step one time.
  3. Use Sopolish 259, 260, 266 to draw shapes of moon, sun and horizon and cure.
  4. Apply Sopolish Matt and cure.
  5. Use Premium Brush n°7 and Gel Paint Calligraphic Black to draw a hand pattern and plants motifs in a very thin line and cure.
  6. Apply Silver Striping Nails stickers and protect them with Sopolish Shine and cure.
  7. Remove sticky layer with Pro Septic and a Cosmetic Pad.

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