How to create this look?

  1. Apply 1 layer of Sopolish 266 Fresh Grace and cure. Apply a second layer and cure.
  2. Apply the topcoat Sopolish Matt and cure.
  3. Use the Gel Paint Calligraphic Black and Premium Brush n°7 to draw the design and cure.
  4. Add the Chrome Powder Gold using Premium Brush n°16 with circle movements on your design and brush off the excess amount of powder with the Dust Brush Black Base.
  5. Protect the design with Sopolish Shine and cure.
  6. Remove the sticky layer with Pro septic and a Cosmetic Pad.
  7. Fill the inside of the design with Sopolish matt
  8. On the side, mix Gel Paint Red Expression and a little bit of Gel Paint Calligraphic Black to get a dark red color.
  9. Draw small leaves alternately with red and dark red using Premium Brush n°7.
  10. Apply Acryl Powder Just Clear to make a textured matt effect on the leaves and cure.
  11. Remove the remains of powders by using the Nail Brush.

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