Flexi Base LED/UV Gel 14 ml

Ref 29185

The miracle solution for flexible nails 

  • Easy to apply brush-on base LED/UV gel  
  • Miracle solution for customers with flexible nails 
Why you love it

Improves the wear of 3-in-1 MASTER GEL on flexible nails.

  • Miracle solution for flexible nails  
  • Perfect adhesion to the natural nail 
  • Easy brush-on application 
  • Improves wear of MASTER Gel on flexible nails 
  • Allows a high working speed (5 finger curing)

This transparent ultra-flexible base gel ensures a perfect adhesion of all ProNails builder gels to the natural nails, including 3-in-1 gels such as the Master Gel. Super easy brush-on application with integrated brush in bottle. It provides an extreme adhesion to very flexible, thin, greasy and damaged nails. Suitable for all problem nails. 

  • Apply a layer of Flexi Base (5 fingers at a time) and cure for 30 sec SOFT in Smart Light
  • Next, apply any kind of ProNails builder gel
  • Perfectly compatible with all builder gels, also the 3-in-1 Master Gel


Liesbeth Weeghmans

This product is very flexible, which is great ! It ensures a good adhesion of my builder gel. Can't work without it anymore !