Replacement Dust Bag VP800 5 pcs + Motor Filter

Ref 90105
Catch dust!
  • Intelligent pack of 5 dust bags with 1 motor filter
  • It catches and keeps dust hygienically
  • After removing the dust bag 5 times it’s time to change the motor filter
Good To Know

Small yet powerful and with a bigger dust content compared to classical dustbags.

Easy follow-up: dust bags are sold in packs of 5 with 1 motor filter.

If you want to work in healthy surroundings and if you want to secure a longer lifetime of the Vision Pro 800, it's highly recommended to use these replacement bags.

They will catch a more dust than a classical dust bag.

They need to be replaced regularly and are for single use.

When the Dust bag warning lights up, it is time to replace the dust bag.

And after you have removed the dust bag 5 times it is time to remove the motor filter and to replace it by a new one.

  • Medically tested replacement bags
  • Micro pores catches all dust particles
  • To work in healthy surroundings
  • Easy plug-on system
  • With a superior dust content
  • Switch your device OFF
  • Open the suction chamber by pulling the hose connector out
  • Hold the dust bag downwards and pull it carefully from the pipe socket
  • Dispose of the dust bag
  • Push a new dust bag on the pipe socket
  • Slide both openings over the guiding pins
  • Insert the attached dust bag into the suction chamber and connect the hose connector
  • Reset the device by pressing 3sec on the ON/OFF of the vacuum
  • Your device is now ready for use!

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