Sopolish Thinner 8 ml

Ref 28310

No more old Sopolish bottles!

  • Thins Sopolish semi-permanent colours
  • Rejuvenates old colours
Good To Know

Be careful when adding drops to the product as the process is irreversible.

  • Makes old Sopolish colours as good as new
  • Thins Sopolish semi-permanent colours
  • Use of the Sopolish thinner does not influence the quality of the product.

Thinner to restore your thickened Sopolish Colours back to its original viscosity. The use of Sopolish Thinner will not influence the quality of your product. It's important to not use too much product as this process cannot be undone!

Shake your Sopolish Colour. Put the glass micropipet into the Sopolish Thinner bottle. Place your finger on top of the pipet and take it out of the bottle. Keep your finger in place and hold it above the Sopolish Colour. When you remove your finger the Sopolish Thinner inside the pipet will drop into the Sopolish colour. Shake again. Only repeat if necessary, but be cautious not to add too much since it cannot be undone.

! Only use the pipets for this product.

! Pipets are fragile, use with care.


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